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I’m really stumbling across a lot of streaming sites as of lately, but I assure you it’s strictly coincidence. This will be the last one for a while.

Anyway, check this one out: Unplugthetv.com Very clever; This website is meant to replace mind-numbing television. Instead of wasting your life watching TV, watch something mind-opening and educational. It boasts hundreds of educational videos to help you learn or gain a new perspective and claims that it’s “NOT another Youtube or Wimp. You won’t find videos of talking dogs or double rainbows on this site.”

I’m not one to be on a soapbox about this type of thing at all. I watch a ridiculous amount of TV and will never consider that a problem. But I suppose if you kids that watch a ton of crap or feel the need for a self intervention, this could be a cool tool. For me, I love me some educational programming and the site hosts just that.