I make a point of never saying “how do you think of this stuff?” or “what’s it like in your head?” to anyone ever. Primarily because I hear this all the time and it’s irritating. It makes me seem less delightfully random and more socially ridiculous.

After finding this gem and having just found the Tree Ring LP before it, I find myself curious about who and how these people think this stuff up. Book-A-Minute is far less intelligent of an idea than the Tree record, but it’s just as random. It’s also totally useless. They have taken several novels and extracted the important stuff, cutting out all the filler. My favourite is Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy

By Douglas Adams

Ultra-Condensed by David J. Parker and Samuel Stoddard

(The Earth gets BLOWN UP.)


I’m a bit upset about that.


Yes, I can understand that.

(They fly around the galaxy. They go UNDERGROUND, where they see…)


The Earth.

Deep Thought

Forty two.