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I just learned about Project Tuva while poking around on Popular Mechanics and I might have some egg on my face (a turn of phrase I’m not entirely sure I know the meaning of) because it seems that it rolled out way back in 2009.

It’s a good looking and well conceived resource, making me think it’s old news to most. If you’re like me and haven’t seen Tuva before, it is an enhanced video player platform released by Microsoft Research to host the Messenger Lectures series titled The Character of Physical Law given at Cornell University by Richard Feynman in 1964 and recorded by the BBC.The project was a collaborative effort between Bill Gates and Microsoft Research that is designed to demonstrate the potential of enhanced video to teach people about the “core scientific concepts” of Feynman’s lectures using interactive media.

In other words, it’s some more digital lectures to feed your brain with. Go!… Live… Learn: