Do you ever wonder what key concepts you might have missed in High School while ditching, or sleeping, or pretending to be sick, or pretending to understand what was being taught?

Me either… unfortunately it’s clear that I missed something each time someone talks about the Grapes of Wrath, or Lord of the Flies, or Catcher in the Rye, or anything else I apparently read and retained nothing of.

Anyway, I stumbled across Khan Academy which does an awesome job bridging the gap between the things I should know and the things I actually do. This is another educational site, but much lighter than the lectures I’ve been throwing out there. It’s not as remedial as it sounds either; it touches on a lot of cool stuff worth learning about whether you were an attentive student or the ADD kid in the back:

Side note: Don’t be embarrassed if when you saw “Khan Academy” you yelled “Khaaaaaaaaaaan!” Shatner style… I did the same thing; it’s an involuntary reflex.