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I love it when I’m watching something and Michio Kaku randomly pops up in it… well, I suppose not randomly. He doesn’t pop up in the midst of a Modern Family marathon, and he has certainly never appeared in the Mario Brothers Super Show, or Night Court, or Saved by the Bell, or Are You Afraid Of The Dark or any of the legions of other truly random defunct shows I watch… Kaku does show up in the sciency crap I watch like The Universe and Naked Science and whatever’s on PBS. He’s even shown up on CNN, Real Time with Bill Maher, and Letterman.

Anyway, if you’re a fellow Michio Kaku fan or have never seen the guy, there’s an awesome resource on BigThink.com featuring some awesome little cliplets on various things from his perspective. It’s hard to describe why he’s more interesting than your typical celebrity theoretical physicist, so check it out!