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Alright, back to basics a bit. Here’s an easy guilty geek pleasure.

ISS.Astroviewer.net tracks the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth and gives you a live, second by second update of its location on a world map. You can also enter your current location and find out when the ISS will pass over you next and when it will be visible… It gets better though.

The site’s main lure is a second by second feed of pictures taken of the Earth directly below the ISS. It shows you exactly what you would see if you were in the Space Station right now looking down. I wonder if they will keep the camera rolling when the thing eventually comes crashing down? Who knows, take a peek:

Side Note: The ISS is over the Indian Ocean right now, so I’m just seeing a lot of ocean. I’ll post a more interesting shot when I see some land. In the meantime, look at some water.