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This beast really is the epitome of a solid, engaging and addicting workplace time waster, for a number of reasons that I’ll touch on shortly. I should start by saying that this isn’t Zelda. It’s pretty and nostalgic and an awesome cosmetic throw-back to Link to the Past, but it’s not Zelda. It’s also not a true RPG, so if you’re a retro Final Fantasy Nerd, you’ve been forewarned.Now, assuming I’ve wiped away any kind of unrealistic expectations, you can really enjoy Browser Quest for what it is: hopefully a progressive first step down a path of wicked and intelligent online games. Apparently Little Workshop worked in conjunction with Mozilla to build the game entirely on open web stack — HTML5, JavaScript and CSS as a demonstration to show that web developers no longer need to rely on Flash to create sophisticated online games.

To further push the industry forward and help game developers looking to build more serious HTML5-based games, the code behind Browser Quest was released on GitHub.At the end of the day, it’s a fun little game which is what matters. If you follow the gaming industry or are a developer at any level, BQ has the added value of potentially being the starting point of some awesome browser-based games that aren’t flash Tetris clones.