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Wikipedia is a dangerous place for my handicapped attention-span because of a phenomenon I call the “Wiki-Wiki-Gang-Bang.” A WWGB occurs when you head to Wikipedia to look up something specific and end up following the links contained within the article to a new, slightly less relevant article, and then following the links within the linked article to an even less relevant article, and so on and so on. With each click of a link, you dive deeper and further away from the original article, eventually resurfacing hours later with no idea of what it was you initially set out to learn.

If you are as susceptible to getting lost in a Wiki-wiki-gang-bang as I am, then this article is going to kill you…

As you might have guessed, it is a list of common misconceptions… “common” is relative in this case; the article touches on misconceptions in every possible field and on almost every single topic you can think of. The misconceptions are interesting enough by themselves but each bullet point, some only consisting of a sentence or two, are like wormholes into a dimension of unstoppable wiki-wiki-gang-banging… explore at your own risk: