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Lately I’ve been watching a ton of stuff about the sun. Initially, I wasn’t really sure why… Nothing against the sun, but I was never overly interested in it. I was okay with just the basics. Lately though, I’m watching specials on TV, listening to podcasts about it, reading articles and checking out high resolution pics.

As much as I like to think it’s my maturing curious taste for science, there’s a much simpler answer… The High Resolution Coronal Imager (Hi-C) which launched July 11th, 2012 and has delivered the clearest image of the solar atmosphere to date.
It’s not just about the pictures though; The intellectual investment in the project has many intellectuals talking about the sun and the new data coming in.

As it would turn out, my curious tastes haven’t really broadened… The TV Shows I watch, the podcasts I listen to and the blogs I regularly read have just started to talk a lot more about our home star. I guess this has expanded my science palette a bit, so I’m happy to pay it forward. Check out the highest resolution video of the Sun’s Corona taken to date: