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I know I do!… This is another geek-way to a serious Wiki-Wiki-Gang-Bang. There is a lot of information here… A LOT! And, like all of my very favourite nerd resources, it has something for every breed of geek: history geeks, political geeks, science geeks, movies geeks, space geeks, dinosaur geeks, tv geeks, music geeks, and more can all rejoice.

This comprehensive list of timelines in History obviously isn’t exhaustive, but it certainly does its best. It’s also not a very attractive site, which in my experience means it’s stacked with good information… I like to think it’s because the authors have so many important things to say that they don’t have time for aesthetics or usability, or white space for that matter. Check it out!

Note: The simplicity of the site’s layout actually makes it really easy to save each article in a format that’s easy to read on the go. Save it as a pdf, word.doc, photo, or my favourite, as an epub to read on my e-reader in transit.