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Here’s the second installment of OnlineCollege.org’s list of awesome and educational history channels on YouTube. This time around we’re looking at Music History, which isn’t a field I’m overly excited about… then again, I didn’t care too much about our sun until I began to really learn about it. Maybe I’m just not adequately versed in what music history is all about… I guess I’ll watch some vids and find out:

How music has changed over the last several hundred years! This evolution continues to fascinate historians to this day, and their reflections can be found at the links below.

  1. The Baroque Era: Here you will find videos about baroque music, art, architecture, history and more.
  2. Music 1600-Present: Get a whopping 25 minutes of music history.
  3. Classical Music Only: This channel provides and introduction to your favorite Western music.
  4. Old World Music History: One hundred years of music history, with more than 78 different videos to view.
  5. History of Underground Chicago Music: This is about rock and roll, but more importantly, about music that rocks.
  6. 25 Great Jazz Soloists: You’ve probably heard jazz, but never like this.
  7. A History of Rock ‘n’ Roll: This awesome history link is informative yet incredibly fun.
  8. A History of the Beatles: John, Paul, George, and Ringo gain immortality through this awesome YouTube feature.
  9. The Blues: American History Today: This interesting video covers all the bases of Blues History, and includes interviews with Blues singers from the genre’s early days.
  10. A Documentary of American Folk Music: From the Carter Family’s “When The World’s On Fire” to Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land,” another brilliant documentary from the BBC.