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There’s one corner of my apartment that, for whatever reason, can never get a reliable wi-fi signal. I’ve thought about different ways to identify and correct the problem and the solution that makes the most sense to me is to drive one these Wifi Robots into the dead corner whenever I’m there. It’s not the most efficient answer, but it’s probably the coolest.

Realistically, If I was the type of guy that had the money to buy one of these badass bots, I would probably already own a better router and wouldn’t have this issue in the first place.

Lucky for the guys that designed these things, they have a use that is far more practical and significant than the corner of my apartment… more than likely, on the battlefield. Check it out anyway; The designing group from Northeastern University did a wicked job. In the meantime I’m going to duct tape my router onto my Roomba as a more frugal solution.

Quick Overview

  • Robot controlled over WiFi
  • 40″ long, 28″ wide, 16″ tall, about 150 lbs.
  • Custom-built (except for treads) out of aluminum
  • Range: 1 km with one on-board router and two droppable long-range repeater modules
  • Running time: ~12 hours
  • On-board webcam with microphone, night vision, pan and tilt
  • On-board GPS for location tracking
  • Custom-made remote user interface, works on any device with a web browser
  • Built with an EEE PC running Ubuntu, Arduino, and Node.js