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Back to OnlineCollege.org’s favourite history lessons on YouTube. This time around we’re looking at the 10 best Cultural History channels:

  1. 300 Years of Linnaean Taxonomy: The Smithsonian brings you everything you need to know about our current taxonomy system.
  2. Speaking Up: The Origins of Language: This history lesson highlights the evolution of language.
  3. Cultural Anthropology: Look at the study of people and cultures through time.
  4. The Multi-Cultural History of the United States: This country’s melting pot status has been around since its birth. Learn about its multi-cultural history here.
  5. Japanese History and Cultural Channel: If you love the samurai warriors, you’ll love this Japanese history channel.
  6. European Heritage Library: Check out European hertitage, including war and religion.
  7. The Other Side: A Gay History: A documentary about gay history in Los Angeles, including the practice of entrapment by the LAPD in the 50s, 60s and 70s.
  8. GLBT History Channel: Your home for queer history, featuring a research center, archive, and museum.
  9. The Women’s Movement of the 1970s: The second wave of the fight for women’s rights in the United States.
  10. The Smithsonian: The National Museum of Natural History takes you through thousands of years of human anthropology.