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The thing about NASA that I find is the biggest morale killer is that they announce their newest missions with a ton of excitement, but with an ETA years later. To be fair, this is true with most scientific research based organizations… It can’t be helped, but it also can’t help but be a bit disheartening. We’re a digital generation, we want results and information about everything immediately no matter how unrealistic of an expectation that is! Of course, it doesn’t help that the economy is about as consistent as Arrested Development seasons, and a mission announced today could likely be a mission scrapped tomorrow.

Anyway, what I was getting at before that rant went way off course, is that it feels like the Curiosity Mission was only just announced; the fact that it’s landing on Mars August 6th feels like a pleasant surprise. So stretch out your legs and get the NASA App on all of your devices; I have feeling this one is going to be streaming more real-time data and media than any mission prior.

If you want to warm your mind up a bit, here’s a great little summary of the landing process… which if you remember, is bonkers: