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I can never remember my Wireless Network key, which proves to be a huge pain in the ass every time I need to reset one of my wireless devices. What’s especially concerning is that I only assigned the key about three months ago… If I can’t remember it now, I definitely will not be able to remember it by 2015.

Good thing I found Oh Life’s “Write a Letter To Yourself” page. Now present me can send future me the details!

Oh Life’s little program is a nifty idea, but I can’t exactly see a practical purpose aside from sending myself Login Passwords that I may have forgotten… I suppose I could send a letter to myself in 2015 reminding me to declare Stephen Spielberg a liar on Twitter if we don’t have Mattel Hover Boards.

This would actually be an amazing idea if, through the website, you could send your future self an actual letter. You can’t though, so your going to have to do it digitally which really strips down the novelty of it. Still, it’s kind of neat-o, so check it out… Now, if only there was a website that sent messages to me in the past. Now we’re talking!