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…Nothing against Jesse Eisenberg, I think the guy’s great. It’s just that, if I were to immerse myself in modern pop culture’s fictional universe of imaginary Zombie Apocalypses, I would probably most resemble (in character, not in physical appearance) Jesse Eisenberg’s Columbus, and despite his cautiously neurotic demeanor, Columbus did okay…

For those immersed in the aforementioned fictional universe of imaginary Zombie Apocalypses that are not as confident (or as naive) as I am, there’s now a camp that will teach you all that you need to know. Yussum, the Trackers Earth Zombie First Responder survival training camp in Portland Oregon is there for you. Put simply, actors simulate a real-life zombie plague while attendees learn the best way to dispatch them and will combine fun with serious skills.

I must say this is incredibly intriguing. I don’t mind the our current obsession with Zombies and I’m not particularly curious as to its origins… What I am curious about is the recent obsession with Zombie survival. It’s like an obscure fad within an obscure fad… like if in 1996 everyone was obsessed with Tickle-Me-Elmo and then everyone became just as obsessed with learning how to tickle monsters.

Like I said, Jesse Eisenberg didn’t need to go to Trackers Earth Zombie First Responder survival training camp, so neither do I… that doesn’t mean it’s not an awesome little idea and one that obscure enough that I really want to see it succeed.