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Here’s some more of OnlineCollege.org’s favourite history lessons on YouTube. This time around we’re looking at the 10 best Aviation History channels:

  1. European Aviation History: Learn all about flight history in Europe.
  2. Flight History: This video tells the history of flight, from the first flight of the Wright brothers to the airbus 380 landing.
  3. Why We Fly: The Story of Aviation: This video provides an overview of Leonardo da Vinci’s fascination with flight and how his ideas and innovations have helped modern-man in their quest to explore the skies.
  4. The History of Flight: This channel provides more than 300 videos on the historical wonder of aviation.
  5. The Bonney Gull: During 1911, pioneer aviator W. Leonard Bonney of Long Island, New York, trained at the Wright School. He dreamed of building an airplane with the grace and maneuverability of a seagull.
  6. 1936 Model Aircraft National Championship: These awesome model airplanes demonstrate the movement in air travel during the early 1900s.
  7. Aviation Timeline: Jam out to the Top Gun theme song while viewing the incredible evolution of aviation.
  8. The Spruce Goose 1957: By far the biggest airplane ever built, the H-4, also known as the Hercules, had a wingspan of 320 feet — 20 feet longer than a football field. If you love history and flight, you’ll love this 1957 news clip.
  9. U.S. Coast Guard Aviation: This short tribute to Coast Guard search and rescue highlights the awesome aircrafts that are used, as well as the heroism of the pilots.
  10. Discovery Channel Top 10 Fighter Planes: This list is about the top ten fighters which have made the greatest influences on the world.