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… This isn’t a bad thing… or necessarily a true thing. It’s Just the first thing that pops into your head when you first tune in. I feel I should clarify because of the negative connotations that come with a comparison to an illegal hallucinogenic street drug… TV Without Context is ridiculous and strangely engaging.

The fake station was created by Paul Neave of Neave Interactive. I initially thought it was advertising or possibly a part of a designer’s digital portfolio, but apparently it’s neither. Paul Neave gives a pretty altruistic explanation of his creations:

Since 1999, neave.com has been my digital playground: an online home for my ideas, experiments and a place to share my interactive tools and toys.

I treat technology merely as a means to an end — for me it is not the focus. Great use of technology only comes from a great idea. I love to dissolve technological barriers and make the digital world more friendly, fun and human.

Neave’s ambitions sound a little grandiose, but it doesn’t matter. He could be trying to sell Slap-Chops at a flea-market for all I care. He says his site is a digital playground that should be friendly, fun and human, and that’s exactly what it felt like. I accidentally stumbled across the TV Without Context stream, but I deliberately checked out all of Neave’s other work after seeing it…

Side Note: I wasted a ton of time in the Neave Interactive “Webcam Toy” using the “Film Strip” effect… You can have a one-man stadium wave!