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For some reason I’ve met a number of Engineers, or would be Engineers, that after completing their intense schooling and receiving their credentials, decided that they really had no desire to be an Engineer. This was a bit perplexing for me….

Why? Why now? Earning a degree in Engineering is no easy feat, and it certainly isn’t a cheap one. How can you dedicate four or more years to a field, learn it inside and out; eat, sleep and breath it, but not realize that you don’t like it until after you graduate? It seems that this is common in the field and more than likely, at least with the individuals I know, they did know it… they knew it pretty early on. Engineering is a field that carries a level of prestige and a reputation that can work against it. It attracts the extremely bright, the ambitious, the dedicated and committed… students so determined and so game for a challenge that a dislike or disinterest in the actual field isn’t seen as a red-flag, but as a challenge.

Unfortunately the reward for completing such an intense challenge is that you either get to be a disgruntled and disengaged Engineer or a first year Culinary Arts Student with a degree in Engineering and probably a misunderstood sense of entitlement.

This doesn’t mean that if you’re interested in Engineering you should forget about it and adopt a new dream. The majority of Engineers and Engineering students I would say love and have a truck-load of passion for it. Just start learning on your own terms and see where your excitement takes you.

Wow, that was a bit of an over exaggerated  lead in for some free engineering ebooks I found… Anyway, what I’m getting at is you can add Engineering to your list of free and credential-less post secondary education that will make you smarter, but hardly more employable. Check it out! Engineering seems to be somewhat misunderstood, so let’s all go learn what the hoop-la is about… let’s all go learn Engineering!