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The Flying Car seems to exist in a state of limbo between Sci-fi and Reality. It’s a technology that appears in most futuristic fantasy films, but never makes the transition into the real world. This is a bit perplexing because the idea isn’t really a stretch… It is certainly more attainable than most other futuristic technologies showcased in fantasy fiction.

The Flying Car’s perceived attainability is what makes it such a popular idea… Since the dawn of the automobile, it has felt like the natural next step. So why haven’t we gone there yet? Other fictional futuristic technologies have come to fruition: personal computers, camcorders, cell phones, touch screens, satellites and missions to mars have all jumped from sci-fi to reality.

The answer is that we have gone there… many times… flying cars are just not as natural of a next step as they appear. The most notable example is Henry Smolinski’s flying Pinto called AVE Mizar. The Mizar is an efficient summary of the birth and demise of all flying cars. The Pinto was much publicized and it created a huge amount of public interest and excitement… Then in 1973 it killed its inventor and ended ambitious pursuit of a marketable flying car.

Check out Smolinski’s full story at Mental Floss: