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You know who likes learning new stuff as much as nerds?… Nerd Kids! Also, when I learn about new stuff I like to start wayyyyyy at the start. Not like, Marine Animals 101… Way further back… NeoK12 Marine Animals.

Simply put, NeoK12 is educational videos, lessons and games for K-12 school kids… or adults pretending to be K-12 school kids to get some fun intro info on some subjects we may not be as versed in as we would like to be.

First of all, it’s not as childish as it sounds. Most of material is informative and legitimate and from reliable sources like National Geographic. Sure there’s uber-basic topics like “subtraction,” but there’s also more stimulating topics like “Exoplanets,” “Light & Optics,” and “Metamorphosis.”

Second of all, aside from NeoK12, I really don’t condone pretending to be a K-12 student online…. I’m not even sure of the legalities of doing that where you live… maybe just be an adult that likes kid sites…