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Well this is certainly a stimulating find! Maybe I just had an long day at work and anything is stimulating, or maybe it’s that the audio from this video seems to be distracting my dog from the August thunderstorm happening outside… either way, I’m feeling this one…

I found this at Red Ice Creations who it seems found it on Gizmodo, so it has probably been through the ringer a few times. Still, hopefully you enjoy it. Here’s the deal:

Jack Scudder, a researcher at the University of Iowa, has found “hidden portals on Earth’s magnetic field that open and close dozens of times each day.” These portals “create an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.”

Called X-points or electron diffusion regions, they are located a few tens of thousands of kilometers from Earth. The portals are created through a process of magnetic reconnection in which lines of magnetic force from both celestial bodies mingle and criss-cross through space. The criss-crossing creates these x-points.

A bit confused? The video helps, it really does: