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We all played Oregon Trail as kids and loved it… It’s such an epic part of our upbringings in an epic time in video game history and it’s just keen… except I’ve never played it before. I don’t know why, I just never have… and worse, I always just pretend that I have played it when it comes up in discussion.

It’s like the movie that everyone sees except you and eventually it becomes such a cult phenomenon that everyone talks about it with the assumption that everyone else has seen it, and when it does come up it’s with such excitement that everyone gets too caught up in their own reminiscing to notice that you have no idea what the hell they’re talking about…

That wasn’t very clear… perhaps an example? Blade Runner! I’ve never seen Blade Runner… but nobody ever says “Oh yeah, last night’s episode of The Office was great. By the way, have you seen Blade Runner?” Someone says something like “Hands down, the best alien-sodomy scene was in Blade Runner” and someone else is like “damn Jim, I forgot all about that scene. What about the scene where the duck gets its bill ripped clean off?” and everyone goes “damn….” Later that day Jim says to another guy “dude, Ryan and Mike and me were talking about Blade Runner and Ryan brought up the scene where the duck got his bill wripped off… I almost puked. I had totally blocked that out of my memory!” Boom, I’ve seen Blade Runner by association. (I assume there isn’t an alien sodomy or duck de-billing scene?)

Anyway, how amazing is it that when I finally seek out a free browser version of Oregon Trail to finally play it, I should fall in to Organ Trail… a similar story  (I assume) only instead of journeying down the Oregon Trail, you’re trying to survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

At the end of the day, I still haven’t played Oregon Trail and probably never will. I have however, played five minutes of a zombie remake of the game with an awesome throw-back to the original format and graphics… I think there’s even a retro-bit Jesse Eisenberg: