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I must say, I am having one heck of a wiki-wiki-gangbang over at Gizmodo… Now, by no means are WWGB’s reserved to Wikipedia, despite the name; they just seem to occur there most often; hence the name.

Anyway, while Gizmodo-Gang-Banging I came across the Vampire Traffic Cameras article from a few years back. Oddly enough, I just watched an episode of Bang Goes the Theory about CCTV in the UK. Now, I’m not the least bit paranoid really about anything, but some of this surveillance stuff is getting a bit too 1984-ish for my liking.

Here’s the deal: road cameras which can detect blood and water in the bodies inside the car using an infrared beam. The system will be able to spot who’s abusing the carpool lanes, fining you in case you were trying to fool the police using Marge, your special “inflatable friend.” Luckily my carpool buddy is a member of the living dead… he’s water based, has blood (of sorts) and his current employment status is a testament to the budding economy.