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A few months ago I made a commitment to getting caught up the pop comic universe, old and new… Caught up is probably not an accurate term because I was never really at a point where I could fall back and necessitate a catch-up. I’ve never been a comic brand of geek and as of late I wish I was… I was never completely at square one, but in terms of legitimately true action comic geekery, I might have well been.

To start, I loved comics as a kid, but always “vintage cheese” as I called it. I loved Archie and Beetle Bailey and anything in the Sunday Funnies (and still do)… Needless to say I had and still have a daunting task ahead of me.

Luckily, I’m not alone. Apparently there are many other wannabe-comic-nerds out there and there are many resources available to help us out. One of my recent favourites is Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog which among other things features regular pieces of classic action comics in a serial format… a few pages at a time.

For me; someone that goes bananas for something, binges on it for like three days and then loses interest, the CIS Blog is a great way to ease in and spread out the enthusiasm. It’s comic-catchup for the ADD demo. Have a look: