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Image courtesy Damien Bouic.

…Apparently it would look a lot like living on Halo. This video went viral a while back, but apparently not viral enough because this is the first time I’ve seen it. Originally it came to me from eBaum’s WORLD of all places, but it’s actual origins seem to be from the YouTube channel of T0R0YD which I recommend subscribing to for consistently awesome videos.

Anyway, it’s not a stretch to think that at some point the Earth had a ring of sorts… I mean the moon probably wasn’t smashed off our face as-is.* Some even believe we could have had a ring as near as 35 million years ago which had some adverse effects on the planet’s climate.

You can put that out of mind though, there’s no prior reading required for this one. It’s just a fun and hypothetical video with a cheese-ball soundtrack that is extremely well put together. There’s also an abundance of comments, blogs and professional opinions on the topic that resulted from the vid going viral and make for some fun followup investigation. Enough though, have at ‘er:

*Disgusting side Note: I don’t know why, but when I wrote that line I had a disturbing vision of someone being punched in the face and the resulting debris orbiting his or her head for a while before eventually forming a small moon… a moon of blood and teeth and probably some tears… slowly orbiting his or her dome … wow, that’s messed up)