I’m on a bit of a John Wilkes Booth fix lately, and this post from the Time Traveling Mapmaker definitely fed the craving. If you’re looking to kick off your own JWB obsession I would start with the Lincoln assassination episode of Decoded on the History channel. That’s what got me going easier this week.

Back Bay Diaries

© 2012 Mick Circeo

25th April, 1865

From Washington Arsenal Penitentiary (Buzzard Point, Washington DC)

I’ve had dreams of killing my father. Of cutting his head off and stuffing it in a box or some other container and throwing it over a high cliff. Or burying it deep in the ground. Fantasies, that is all they are. Harmless thoughts. Of course I would not deign to act upon these ruminations. Sic semper tyrannis – yes I did say that – there have been reports that I did not, but I inscribe it here and now, so that all doubt shall be remov’d; “Thus always to tyrants.” I shouted it that night at a quarter past ten, almost laughed it, the very moment before I placed the barrel of my shooter behind the ear of the Tyrant and struck a blow for every thinking man in the Nonce.

Not that I…

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