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Video game emulation has almost been as significant of a part of my childhood as actual console gaming… That’s why I’m always a bit surprised when I meet people that are excited about nostalgic gaming but are either unaware of what a gaming emulator is or write it off as too difficult of a process to get going.

If you fall into that group I encourage you to put your inhibitions aside and jump. It’s a super accessible tool now and it’s mainstream enough that users have made it super usable… installation is a cakewalk.

Video Game Emulation for Newbies is really simple site with some super basic ways to get started. If you’re a bit of an emulator nut, as many people that discover it tend to become, this resource is going to be a little too basic. (If you’re interested in some more complicated emulating ,let me know… I love it… I do it on everything: my Mac, my PC, my Playbook, my iPhone, my ol’ PSP, my Apple TV, you name it!)

If this is your first frolic, you should be aware of the obvious controversies that come with emulating in general. Personally, I stay vintage and try to stick with games that I either own, owned, or can’t get anymore. You can do what you want, but I would make your ethical decision before you start and definitely before you go around talking about it. There are some understandably opinionated views both for and against emulating when talking to those in the gaming world.

Aside from that, have at ‘er!

Video Game Emulation for Newbies