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Talk about the opposite of using the “Cloud.” Dead Drops are USB flash drives that are embedded into walls, curbs, buildings and anything else that they can be cemented into, meant to be loaded with files to share by anyone that comes across them. They are cemented in places that are accessible to the general public and anyone is encouraged to upload/download any files they wish to take or share.

If a gaming reference helps understand the concept, Dead Drops are a prominent tool in the Infamous Games, although they aren’t cemented into walls… they’re found in electronic boxes on rooftops.

This clever little project is the brainchild of Aram Bartholl, a Berlin based media artist that started ‘Dead Drops’ during his stay in NYC at EYEBEAM as an artist in residence in October 2010.

My only concern with this is that future archealogists may dig these things up and assume this is how file sharing worked in our age. Anyway, check it out: