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I think it’s called Ghost Tourism and apparently it’s a growing fad… The name says it all: You spend your vacation hoping to see a ghost in supposedly haunted places. It’s not really my idea of a holiday, but to each their own.

If you are planning out a Ghostly vacation, you might as well be as efficient as possible, and StrangeUSA.com can help with that. The site consolidates “Strange Stuff” of all kinds and lays them out in an easy to navigate map of the US.

It’s not just ghosts either: UFO sightings, unsolved mysteries and other paranormal phenomena, all right there for you! Check it out!

StrangeUSA.com – Consolidating the vast amount of ‘Strange Stuff’ out there into 1 easy to use place. Haunted buildings, places, Urban legends, cemeteries, weird places, cool places, ghost towns, and anything else that is worth your time to visit.