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If you thought that the world’s zombie obsession had passed, think again Beta Nerds!… AMC’s The Walking Dead starts again on October 14th, the latest Walking Dead episode from Telltale just came down and it is great, a long awaited sequel to Plats vs. Zombies is on the way, and there are multiple flesh-eating films coming down the pipe for late 2012 and 2013.

Yup, if you love all things zombie you’re in for a good year; if you’re friends with or married to one of those people that rants on about how he/she was in to Zombies way before this whole fad started, I apologize in advance. That person will continue to be unbearably annoying.

Anyway, wherever you stand on the whole zombie thing, you might be interested in some gameplay footage released today for The War Z. Here are three new clips from the Alpha build of the game, so they’re a bit unpolished. I’m on the fence about this game right now, but if they can do it right, there’s a lot of potential here:


The War Z Gameplay Video One