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I window-shop a lot of geek stores regularly, so I mean it when I say that Y U No Take My Money is better than most. The types of products the site carries are the same as any other geeky digital storefronts, but a bit more original… It’s difficult to explain, so check it out for yourself!

Here are a few examples of the products that caught my eye:

Assassin’s Creed: Kenway Jacket – $320 (Volante Design)


Classic TMNT Shredder Helmet – $250 (Etsy)


Star Trek Starfleet Bra: $30 (Etsy)

Don’t forget to get your R2D2 and TMNT Models:


Yama Northwest Glass 32-Ounce Cold Brew Drip Coffee and Tea Maker – $269 (Amazon)


Fictional Anatomy Wall Stickers by Jason Freeny – $39.99 (Fathead)


Anti-theft Lunch Bag – $8.00 (Think of The…)