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It’s time for some more Crap 2 Buy! I was shopping around and found some gems… too good to not share. Brace yourself:

Amazon.com: Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit: Toys & Games Tired of plain old chewing gum, well now you can make your own with the make your own chewing gum kit, great for kids and… $14.28

Amazon.com: There’s no better way to hop out of your Delorean after a day of time traveling than wearing the 2015 Marty McFly hat replica. Hopefully… $22.42

Arcade lights and sounds Old school gamers will appreciate this light switch, using a joystick to turn your lights off and on will remind you off those endless nights playing Pacman… $29.99

The turtle shell is an attachment for the baby bjorn harness, and will give your newborn baby the confidence that the hardened shell of a turtle has got his back – literally. Buy It $59.00 via Etsy.com

I pity the foo’ that don’t drink my tea: $36.00, via Etsy.

Amazon.com: Terrifying other’s pets with this raptor costume for your dog will be easy. The raptor costume comes with foam raptor head piece with foam padded… $20.99

Geek up your home with these retro Pac-Man style ghost bookshelves. Perfect for storing books, displaying pictures, and even scaring off interested dates you bring back home, these pixelated Pac-Man ghosts are a must have home accessory for grew up on the game. Buy It $572.46 via Etsy.com

Give your home library an industrial feel to it with this plumbing pipes bookshelf. Using real industrial pipes, this unique bookshelf will give your home a rugged yet modern look and will provide storage space in even the tightest of spaces. Buy It $259.00 via Etsy.com


Everything you know is a lie – these rocks are actually extremely comfy throw pillows. The perfect accessory to a log cabin or home with an earthy style, these rock pillows look and feel great, and are especially great for an intense pillow fight. Buy It $495.00 via VivaTerra.com

Accordions might not have the mainstream appeal that an instrument like a guitar has, but these full size accordion pillows will surely be a favorite in any home. These accordion pillows are capable of compressing and expanding just like the real instrument. Buy It $386.45 via Etsy.com


Amazon.com: Open your next beer with a head lock with this Luchador bottle opener. No need to dress up with this mexican wrestler bottle opener you can… $17.99

ThinkGeek: N64 USB Controller If you don’t remember owning your friends at Goldeneye 64 on Nintendo 64 as a kid you may be too young for this site. This… $29.99

Amazon.com: Hair on the floor after giving a haircut at home? worry no more the haircut umbrella has you uncovered. Who would have thought an upside… $12.67

Amazon.com: Cool clothing for your kid makes having a kid almost worth it, and the Batman rain coat is no… $40.79

Was your home built on an Indian burial ground? Have ghosts been whispering to you instructions to murder your family? If so, you’ve got a ghost infestation problem. Buy yourself a Ghostbusters proton backpack and take care of those pesky apparitions once and for all. Buy It $850.00 via Etsy.com

Plush Halfling Slippers $19.99