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Node.js is a software system designed for writing highly scalable Internet applications, notably web servers… This means absolutely nothing to me, but apparently it means “creative awesomeness opportunity” for Seb Lee-Delisle.

Seb put together an amazing little MMO time-waster that not even I thought would be any fun… I liked Asteroids when I was a kid, but it’s novelty quickly turned to frustration. I’m awful at games like this and have had no desire to revisit the black and white space shooter since the mid 90’s. I’m not sure what made me play this version, but I’m sure glad I did.

Seb’s MMO creation is wicked-fun and I’ve wasted a ton of time on it thus far. Keep in mind this is an experimental demo, so there are a few features that would be nice, but are missing: kill/death stats, multipliers, etc. Don’t let that stop you though! you can get the gist of how you’re doing without stats.

Anyway, have at’er! If you want to see something really trippy, don’t move after one of your re-spawns. The dozens of fighters on screen stop attacking each other and blitz you like piranhas.