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I don’t take the time to acknowledge this enough, but Isaac Newton’s my hero and has been for a long while. His chemically imbalanced levels of genius and lunacy just make him a wholesome role model, and I love the guy.

Now, I must admit that this video seemed a lot cooler before I realized that a terracotta death mask was made of Newton when he died and it was already a pretty good depiction of what the mad scientist looked like… I don’t know why I thought Microsoft’s Kinect could replicate his mug out of thin air, but I did.

Anyway, the 3D’ing process is still pretty cool and worth a watch… The Kinect may not have shown us what Isaac Netwon looked like for the first time, but it did bring the terracotta death mask to my attention, so I suppose I still got what I came for.

The video is a collaboration between Microsoft and the Royal Society of London: