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The lips on either side of the acorn worm’s head reminded scientists of Yoda’s floppy ears. Photograph: Allstar/David Shale

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to make a ground-breaking scientific discovery, simply for the right to naming rights… Planet Michelangelo with its three moons Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael for example. As I grew older I realized that I don’t need to make a ground-breaking discovery for naming rights; any scientific discovery will do… as I grew even older I realized that a passion for naming a discovery without any effort to actually make a discovery is a fruitless pursuit.

Thus I live vicariously through scientists and scholars that don’t have their priorities ass-backwards… Nick Holland for example.

Holland and his team discovered a new species of deep-sea acorn worms which they named after everyone’s favourite green Jedi puppet, Yoda!… Personally, I would have went with something a little more geek and a little less mainstream like Yogurt. Still, Yoda Purpurata is a pretty boss monicker.

How’d they come up with the name? Well, apparently the large lips on either side of the creature reminded the team of Yoda’s floopy ol’ ears. Personally, it looks far more like a pink poodle or a uterus to me.



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