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Well then, it has certainly been a long time since we’ve had a good digital education resource for those working towards their fake digital degrees from Beta Nerd university. The school isn’t recognized by anyone, the credentials will get you nowhere, but the learning is genuine!

This time around we’re looking at computer science courses… 45 of them to be exact. This list comes from ProgrammerFish and they did a pretty comprehensive job of putting it together. The program links are as follows; be sure to check out ProgrammerFish for a deeper summary of each offering:

1.  Programming Methodology CS106A , Stanford University Course.

2.  Programming Abstractions CS106B , Stanford University Course.

3.  Programming Paradigms CS107 , Stanford University Course.

4.  Introduction to robotics CS223A , Stanford University Course.

5.  Natural Language Processing CS224N , Stanford University Course.

6.  Machine Learning CS229 , Stanford University Course.

7.  The Fourier Transform and its ApplicationsEE261 , Stanford University Course.

8.  Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems EE263 , Stanford University Course.

9.  Convex Optimization I EE364A , Stanford University Course.

10. Convex Optimization II EE364B , Stanford University Course.

11. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming , MIT Course

12. Introduction to Algorithms , MIT Course

14. Information and Entropy , MIT Course

15. The Art of Approximation in Science and Engineering , MIT Course

16. Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science, MIT Course

17. Introduction to Software Engineering in Java, MIT Course

18. Introduction to MATLAB , MIT Course

19. Introduction to C++ , MIT Course

20. Street-Fighting Mathematics , MIT Course

21. Multicore Programming Primer , MIT Course

22. A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python , MIT Course

23. Autonomous Robot Design Competition , MIT Course

24. Computer Graphics , MIT Course

25. Designing Mobile Technologies for the Next Billion Users ,MIT Course

26. Computational Biology: Genomes , Networks, Evolution , MIT Course

27. Introduction to Computer Science , Rice University Course.

28. Mathematics for Computer Science , MIT Course.

29. Information and Computer Technologies, UK’s Open University

30. Programming with Robots , Capilano University

31. Systems Design and Administration , Dixie State College

32. HTML Basics , University of Washington

33. Software Applications , Kaplan University

34. Object-Oriented Programming in C++ , University of Southern Queensland

35. Operating Systems and System Programming , University of California-Berkeley

36. DATA STRUCTURES , University of California-Berkeley

37. Artificial Intelligence , University of Massachusetts-Boston

38. Information Theory , Utah State University

39. Network security ,Open University

40. Computational Discrete Mathematics , Carnegie Mellon University

41. The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs ,University of California, Berkeley

42. Data Structures and Programming Methodology ,University of California, Berkeley

43. Automata, Computability, and Complexity , MIT Course

44. Operating Systems and System Programming ,University of California, Berkeley

45. Randomized Algorithms , MIT Course