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Alrighty! Well, not such a long time ago I made a mental note and a half-assed commitment to generate more followup material… a little throw-back or update on things I posted about in the past. You see, the extremely limited attention span I possess, which allows me to sporadically dig up ridiculous artifacts of geekery at a ridiculous pace, also keeps me from remembering or revisiting those artifacts that excited me most.

Anyway, I always love when my favourite blogs do a good revisit so I’ma follow suit… starting with some awesome Czech movie posters that Herkulas76 showed me.

If you recall, back in August I stumbled upon some wicked bad-ass Polish and Czech Japanese monster movie posters. I love those things every time I look at him and was stoked to see that the art style isn’t limited to the Tokyo Terror genre (which is a genre name I just made up because it sounded cool). You can find a whole slew of Czech posters from various categories here… the movie prints are by far my favourite. Here’s a few to check out:



Raiders of the Lost Arc

Gandhi (…duh!)



Indiana Jones