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The original Mr. T

In August I came across the Indiegogo fundraising page for a project dubbed “Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum.” I love Tesla and I love museums, so I totally supported this, but I was skeptical of the initiative’s potential for success given its lofty goal and rather progressive, yet not always dependable, fundraising technique… I believe in my original post I stated that I hadn’t seen any statistical proof or amazing success stories to make me think that this type of fundraising works; I also stated that I’m lazy and had never really looked into it, so my opinion on the matter should be taken with a huge salt-lick.

The Tesla Science Centre

Anyway, the Tesla Museum initiative found huge success on Indiegogo and my bag of misinformed assumptions about crowd sourcing was turned on its head and buried ass-end-up in the sand! Not only was the campaign successful, it actually exceeded its original goal of $1,370,511. Granted, half of that amount came from the state of New York, but about $850,000 came from Indiegogo contributors alone. That’s a crazy amount, all for Tesla!

This is a huge achievement and one that my cynical brain is seriously impressed by. Congratulations to those that coordinated the effort, to those that contributed and to Matthew Inman, founder of The Oatmeal, who started the campaign and whose legion of science-friendly devotees likely set the thing in motion with their generous donations.

Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum

If you want to know more I recommend you check out this article on ArsTechnica here. You can also find the original Indiegogo page over here.