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Today’s find was a definite “The Odds Must Be Crazy” moment; allow me to explain: for some reason, last night at work I was thinking about how cool it would be to be a comic book artist. Being as I’m about as competent of an artist as blindfolded radish, this was never a realistic career option for me… but what if I could teach myself to draw better? I have a curious mind and have taught myself lots of new things that I never would have thought I could teach myself. As long as I could find a good resource to learn from, I was good to go.

Creator, Ralph Contreras

Lo and Behold, the next morning while doing my nerd-rounds, I came across “Comic Book Graphic Design.” The info-site (or blog as he’s calling it) was created by Ralph Contrera’s, a long time comic book enthusiast, former comic-shop owner, and aspiring comic book creator. Ralph’s a cool guy and has done a fantastic job compiling tutorials, exercises, activities and generally just fun and extremely accessible stuff to get you excited about comic book creating from square one.

Check it out here!