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I like the idea of a zombie apocalypse: the deadly virus zombies, the voodoo magic zombies, the Nazi zombies led by robot-Hitler… whatever the ridiculous affliction, I’m game. I am of course talking about in my entertainment: movies, tv shows, comics, video games, and the like.

As it turns out though, some people some people feel that a zombie invasion is a legitimate threat to humanity. To those people, I apologize for the somewhat condescending tone. Everyone’s free to believe in what they want and Beta Nerd don’t judge… not explicitly anyway.

Well, no matter what you believe, if you’re a zombie enthusiast Map of the Dead is a fun little tool for you. For the doomsday-preppers out there, the site uses your current location and google maps to highlight some key locations should Max Brooks successfully release his apocalyptic living-dead virus in an attempt to reignite World War Z book sales. Areas of importance include: grocery stores, gun stores, outdoor equipment stores, airports, hospitals, churches, cemeteries, and a hellofa lot more. It even flags the most traveled routes and areas that would likely be “Danger Zones” come Z-Day.

Map of the Dead: Danger Zones

For those not convinced that the end of days will come at the half decomposed hands of a zombie hoard, you can still have some fun with it. Map of the Dead is also a mobile game! Imagine a more social, less exercise focused version of Zombies, Run! Scavenge for supplies at real life locations around your city, fight zombies with the weapons you find and team up with your friends to complete missions together.

Map of the Dead Mobile

Head on over to the Map of the Dead site and see how your neighbourhood is going to fare. Also, if you haven’t already, check out the Zombies, Run! in the iOS App Store. Finally, for no reason, check out this amazing bed sheet set that was on the Map of the Dead facebook page:

Zombie Sheets!

Map of the Dead: Where you gonna get your medkits and shotguns?…