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This is just a quick little video that I found mildly interesting, so I wont bore you with a ranty intro. This piece comes from Febelfin, the Belgium federation of the financial sector, and it’s kind of an advertisement/PSA.

Side Note: Despite being completely skeptical of all things supernatural, paranormal, pseudo-scientific, and just misinforming as a whole, I suggest that this vid be taken with a grain of salt. I constantly accuse shows like Long Island Medium of being a product of crafty and misleading post-production and editing, but with what we’re shown in the Febelfin PSA, they could of done that exact same thing.

Long story short: This is a fun little clip and should be consumed as such. Don’t over analyze it like I just did… I feel like the guy haggling for $0.50 on a garage sale ash-tray… what was the point?