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The world is still feeling the economic hangover from the past few recession-riddled years, and as we all head toward the financial cliff, politicians and policy makers everywhere are doing everything in their power to cut the fat from government spending and focus on essential services until the storm subsides.

Naturally, there have and will continue to be sacrifices. For example, spending on space exploration should be shelved, but spending on job creation should stick around. Spending on stem cell research is an obvious no; spending on giant Gundam robots is an obvious yes… yup, Gundam. Who else can kick the ass of an international debt crisis?

The econo-bot as I’m calling it, is the brainchild of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party, and their true intentions aren’t immediately clear: apparently, this isn’t just another landmark attraction or a less-than-subtle salute to Japanese anime, but rather a legitimate mechanized defense weapon.

Not surprising, the Gundam initiative has a lot of crtitics. Japan is currently trying to manage a massive national debt, a crumbling global economy, and an unsustainable aging population, so the US$750,000,000 price tag is a difficult pill for Japanese citizens to swallow.

As a closet fan of chaos and collective national ridiculousness, I hope this thing gets the green light. If anything, at least Japan could boast the world’s only defense strategy capable of handling an attack from Mothra… What’s your plan Department of Homeland Security? Continental missile defense system? Pfft. Amateurs!

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