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This may be a generalization, but It seems like scientists and economists have the best taste in music… Although, the reason isn’t really clear: perhaps both groups spend so much time thinking and researching that they need to optimize their listening time by only listening to good stuff… Perhaps they tend to exposed larger spectrum of personalities and cultures than the layman, and have had a better catalog of musical influences to find the best in… Perhaps most scientists and economists are nerds, and I’m a nerd so I tend to have similar interests when it comes to music. If this is the case then neither group may have good taste in music in the conventional sense; just great to my ears.

Whatever the case, NASA seems to be aware that a nerd’s taste in music is unique and experimental, and they have an Internet radio station to support it. Third Rock Radio describes itself as “…a blend of art and science built to put you light years ahead with the best new music out there…really out there.” Although I just discovered it, the station is right up your alley, assuming your alley resembles my alley. It’s a clever combination of especially crisp and tasty indie rock, peppered with breaking science news.

It’s delicious, I promise. You can find Third Rock Radio on the NASA site or through the NASA app on your smartphone or tablet.