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There has been buzz around this type of technology for a couple of years now, but to see a physical prototype as part of an actual phone is awesome. It’s a bit difficult to explain exactly what this technology does, but if you’ve ever been frustrated trying to type out long emails or texts on your phone or tablet, no explanation is likely necessary.

No matter how advanced or big your smartphone or tablet gets, typing on a flat screen never feels quite right. Tactus Technology in California has decided to change that, and they clearly have the brains and resources to do so. Basically, how the tech works is by using a fluid-filled plastic panel and cylindrical fluid reservoir which will replace the usual top layer of glass. When necessary, fluid is redistributed to the cylindrical reservoirs forming little round buttons. When the buttons are no longer required, the fluid is redistributed evenly across the panel creating a clear flat screen.

Smartphones and tablets are a no-brainer for this, but the developers have more than that up their sleeves: they also boast a few additional prototypes for products such as TV remotes or sound equipment.

Pretty cool! For more info, check this article from the MIT Technology Review website. I also strongly recommend checking out Tactus Technology’s website; they do a great job breaking down the product specs for the layperson.