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Done your Christmas shopping?… Started your Christmas shopping?… To hell with Christmas shopping, you want to buy yourself some awesome shit and get your friends and family gifts under $10 at the drug store?… Whatever your reason for spending money you don’t really have in the most expensive month of the year, here are a few good thingies to start with:

Golden Limited Edition Star Trek Pizza Cutter

20121205-211425.jpgGoldly go where no pizza has gone before
– 24-carat gold plated pizza cutter, limited edition
– NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from Star Trek the original series
– Officially licensed Star Trek collectible
Yours for only $99.00 at ThinkGeek.com

iCade 8-Bitty – Retro Wireless Game Controller for iPhone/iPad/Android

20121205-212000.jpgPocketable D-Pad Style Gaming Comes to your iPad, iPhone, and Android Devices
– Classic retro-styled game controller fits in your pocket and works with iPhone, iPad, and Android
– 8 button control including 4 face buttons, select, start, and two shoulder buttons… plus the D-Pad for movement
– Wireless connection with auto power save mode
Only $29.99 from ThinkGeek

Giant Bird’s Nest Bed

20121206-202910.jpgKeep your young ones safe and cozy with hawk-like protectiveness with the giant bird’s nest bed. Spanning nearly fifteen feet in diameter, this bird’s nest bed can fit up to sixteen of your offspring as both a playground and a napping space.
If you have $15,000 kicking around you should probably head to O*GE Group and buy a nest.

Yoda Christmas Tree Topper

20121206-205558.jpg Christmas tree decorating, you are. Star Wars super-fan, you have been. Cat ate last year’s Han Solo topper, he did. Yoda Christmas tree topper will bring great honor and Jedi power to your white pine, it will. Shut up and take my money, you must. About $50.00 from Amazon

Bluetooth Phone Handset Gloves.

20121206-205859.jpg Just like Inspector Gadget had!
$50 from Hi-Fun.

Tetris Heat Changing Mugs

20121206-210331.jpg Give your morning cup of coffee a geeky twist with this Tetris heat changing cup. This officially licensed twelve ounce cup will transform in seconds to a colorful game of Tetris when you add any hot beverage to it, making it a great gift idea for old school gamers.
$15.00 from Vat19.

Animal Cracker Soap

20121206-210702.jpg. Made with moisturizing ingredients, Animal Cracker Soaps look just like the real thing. And with their amazing cookie scent, they smell just as delicious. Perfect for hand washing and even bath time, Animal Cracker Soaps make for a great gift, party favor, or even something special for yourself. Each set of 12 is made by hand in the USA.
This one’s a steal at only $5.00 from Vat19