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This week is going to be “NASA App Week” on BetaNerd. What happened this week in NASA history to necessity an entire week attention? Well, not really anything (I suppose there could be something, but I didn’t bother to check). While looking through a new NASA App that I had never heard of, I found a few more that are just as exciting and I was also unaware of. Naturally, I want to share these finds with you over the course of a few posts in a blatant attempt to drag out some pretty mediocre finds that should have been much more appropriately summarized in one, short post.

With that, your lead off hitter is NASA’s Space Place Prime!

This little one is for iPad and it presents a selection of the latest NASA Earth and space images and videos, as well as a rotating selection of Space Place articles and activities. Space Place Prime is essentially a spinoff of NASA’s Space Place website which is an educational resource geared at kids, but is still just as relevant and interesting for adult space enthusiasts.

Space Place is of course free and available today in the App Store, here.