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Digital media and print media really don’t get along very well. Video has made a pretty smooth and natural feeling transition… Music had a bit of a tougher time thanks to Napster and Lars Ulrich, but it eventually made the leap… With print, people just don’t want to let it go. To those people I say, have faith in the economics behind your consumption. If you and someone else love a good ol’ paperback and you demonstrate that love by buying paperbacks, you’re going to still get paperbacks… You can still buy records and push-mowers can’t you?

I don’t really care what happens to the printed medium, but there is one aspect I’ll miss: Science magazines. They’re cheap, shiny, and have perfected the use of white-space which, if you recall, is a huge turn on for me. Anyway, with the possibility that the extinction event for shiny magazines is on the horizon, I feel I should share my stimulating finds from print in the form of Quick-Quips.

Leading off is some of the science behind the equipment Felix Baumgartner used for his Stratos jump, straight from Science Illustrated: